Julia Stiles defends herself against specious lawsuit - March 15, 2005

The truth is that Julia Stiles is defending herself against a specious lawsuit cooked up by her former business partners who decided to slap her with a lawsuit in the middle of her exam period when she is trying to focus on graduating from Columbia University.

Julia Stiles' production company acquired the rights to develop the Sylvia Plath book, The Bell Jar from Studiocanal. After being slapped with a lawsuit in an attempt to steal property that rightfully belongs to Julia, she is in turn suing her former producing partners to seek an injunction from the Court to prevent them from doing so.

Bottom line, this is about Julia rightfully holding onto the option, for which she has paid. There is no director. There is no script. There is no other actress being considered. Those are not the issues of this lawsuit and to suggest otherwise is untrue and frivolous.

A letter from Julia Stiles - October 10, 2004

Going Upriver

I wish that every conscientious voter could see Going upriver: The Story of John Kerry. This documentary shows a dignified young Kerry speaking before a Senate Committee on his experience as a soldier during the Vietnanm War. His ability to mobilize the Veterans Against the War is impressive, but the film especially captures his sense of patriotism and morality. Kerry is truly invested in participatory democracy.

The stakes of this election are so high, and the next administration will have a drastic impact on foreign and domestic policy. We cannot have a passive citizenry; it is time to tell our leaders that their actions will not go unchecked. MoveOn is hosting a Get Out The Vote campaign, and volunteers are welcome. They are holding screenings of Going upriver at college campuses around the country, and on Halloween college students can participate in the Trick Or Vote door to door campaign. I will be speaking at a No Voter Left Behind rally in Pennsylvania (a swing state), but you can particpate by going to MoveOn.org. Please get involved, every little bit helps. And don't forget to vote!

Julia Stiles