Articles published in 1994-1998
ZuZu Magazine 1994 "The NYC fire..." by Julia Stiles
ZuZu Magazine 1995 "Making waves" by Julia Stiles
Seventeen April 1997 "The devil's playground"
MovieMaker Fall 1997 "... at the tender age of sixteen"
Unknown US Mag 1998 "High Stiles"
MoXie Girl Fall 1998 "Julia Stiles"

Articles published in 1999
AOL Chat March Chat transcript
EW Daily March 26 "Bard to the bone"
CBS This morning March 30 "Julia Stiles: the new shrew"
Seventeen March 31 "10 things we love about..."
EW Daily April 1 "Wild things"
TV Guide Online April 1 Chat transcript
Vanity Fair April "Pick of the glitter"
New York Magazine April 5 "In Stiles"
Time Magazine April 12 "Julia Stiles' career is a class..."
New York Magazine May 3 "Kids stuff: Best dance classes"
Los Angeles Magazine May "Stiles and Substance"
Allure May "Trunk show"
Teen People June - July "The 21 hottest stars under 21"
Teen People "Class act: Julia Stiles"
Nylon Sept - Oct "The thinking girl's starlet"

Articles published in 2000
Manhattan File Jan - Feb "10 things we love about Julia..."
Stark & Molly Jan 19 "A stark disagreement"
e! online Jan "Sizzling sixteen of 2000"
Teen People Feb "Dating in the dark"
Jane Magazine May "... if you ask for their autographs" May "Interview with Julia Stiles" May 4 "The Bard's babe"
Glamour May "House of Stiles"
Politically Incorrect May 21 Transcript
WENN June 5 "Julia Stiles' award show dilemma"
Movie Line July "The latest Stiles"
Interview Magazine Aug "Julia Stiles (actress)"
Seventeen Sept "The Stiles files"

Articles published in 2001
Empire Jan "Julia Stiles"
MovieMaker Jan "The tough luck of Julia Stiles"
In Style Jan "Beauty talk"
Dance Spirit Jan "Julia 'Stiles' the dance floor..." Jan "Stiles' style"
Calgary Sun Jan 8 "Stylish Julia Stiles"
Sun Newspapers Jan "We haven't seen 'Last' of Julia..." Jan "Interview with Julia Stiles" Jan 9 "Stiles dances into college life" Jan 12 "Julia's style"
CBS News Jan 16 "Julia Stiles: Cool, Calm &..."
Sidney Morning Herald Jan 17 "Julia juggles college life, ..."
US Weekly Jan 22 "Julia Stiles makes all the right..."
Rolling Stone April "Cool freshman"
Empire Online March 21 "Julia's boogie night"
Unknown UK Mag April "Let's dance"
TV Hits (UK) April "Hitchin' a ride"
New York Observer April 30 "... but Columbia's got the girls " June "MTV Movie Awards Interview"
People June "50 most beautiful people"
ElleGirl Aug 28 "Julia rules!"
Cinema Confidential Aug "Interview with Julia Stiles"
Toronto Sun Aug 26 "Julia Stiles blond, but in hair only"
Toronto Sun Sept 4 "Tourist time"
Toronto Sun Sept 9 "Styling with Stiles"
New York Magazine Sept 10 "Fall preview: Julia Stiles"
IFC Rant Nov "Interview with Julia Stiles"
Dark Horizons Dec "Hot Stiles ventures into..."
Tribute Dec "A conversation with Julia Stiles" Dec 14 "Julia Stiles takes on the..."
Cosmopolitan Dec "Julia Stiles"
New York Post Dec "Interview with Julia Stiles"
JoBlo's Dec "Business partners"
Tiscalli Dec "Rise of the prodigy"
TV Week (UK) Dec "My double life"
TV Guide Online Dec "Julia Stiles: she loves NY!"

Articles published in 2002
BBC Films April 29 "Interview with Julia Stiles"
Teen People May "A guy thing"
Playbill July 2 "Brief encounter with Julia Stiles"
Late Show July 29 Transcript
Premiere Aug "Type A student"
Marie Claire Aug "Julia Stiles - The real deal"
Elle Magazine Aug "Interview with Julia Stiles"
Unknown source Aug 14 "Julia Stiles keeps herself..."
Seventeen Sept "Stilest substance" Sept "Stiles & Substance" Sept 2 "Shakespearean Stiles"
Empire Online Sept "Toilet tips wanted"
Empire Online Sept 9 "The story of 'O'" Sept 13 "Julia Stiles: that'll sound slutty"
Birmingham Post Sept 16 "Into the 'O' zone with Julia Stiles"

Articles published in 2003
Campus Circle Jan "Julia Stiles" Jan "Interview with Julia Stiles" Jan "Interview with Julia Stiles"
Tribute Jan "A conversation with Julia Stiles"
The National Enquirer Jan 3 "I tried to be a normal student"
New York Daily News Jan 13 "Julia Stiles gets seriously silly" Jan 17 "Julia Stiles - A guy thing"
Glamour Jan "Julia speaks her mind"
YM Magazine Feb "No on can shut..." by Julia Stiles
BBC Films March 6 "Interview with Julia Stiles"
USA Today Sept 2 "Star pupil juggles books and..."
Entertainment Weekly Nov 14 "Julia Stiles - Mona Lisa Smile" Dec "Julia's angels" Dec "... the cast of Mona Lisa Smile" Dec "Sassy, busy and lucky..."
San Francisco Chronicle Dec 14 "Julia Stiles paints a complex..."
Ottawa Sun Dec "Stiles all smiles"
Mercury News Dec 18 "Mona Lisa Smile ensemble..."
USA Today Dec 18 "Stars of Mona Lisa smile..."
Houston Chronicle Dec 19 "Stiles finds satisfaction..."

Articles published in 2004
Marie Claire Jan
Glamour Jan
Bride' Jan 16 "Julia Stiles' surprising..."
Bride's Magazine March "Stiles on the aisle"
Boston Herald Feb 11 "As film roles build up, Julia..."
Sidney Morning Herald Feb 21 "Student princess"
Cosmopolitan March "Hollywood's Girl Next Door..."
Teen Vogue March
Late Show March 2 Transcript
AGirl' March "Julia Stiles: Not just..."
Dark Horizons March 8 "Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me" March 12 "Julia Stiles isn't waiting for..." March "Julia Stiles falls for a royal in..."
Entertainment March "Julia Stiles on European royalty..."
Brentwood Magazine March "Too young for love" March 25 "Stiles's stylish rise is..."
New York News March 28 "Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me"
New York journal March "Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me"
Cinema confidential March 30 "Julia Stiles of The Prince and Me"
CBS News March 31 "Secrets, Love And Julia Stiles"
New York Daily News April 1 "Head of the class"
Student Life March 26 "Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me"
The Eagle April 2 "Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me"
The UWM Post April 6 "Interview with Julia Stiles"
The Manitoban April 7 "The prince and her"
The GW Hatchet April 8 "Looking good, your majesty"
Calgary Sun April 7 "In royal Stiles"
Sunday Times Culture March 28 "Julia Stiles"
Elle Magazine (UK) April "West End Girl"
The Guardian April 3 "Of muse and men"
Time Magazine April 25 "Julia's West End workout"
The Guardian June 17 "...of the 1950s?" by Julia Stiles July "Julia Stiles Q&A"
Daily Record July 12 "Julia's got a Stiles all of her own"
Sunday Life July 14 "The prince and the pauper" July 15 "Fairytale princess"
Time Out London July 21 "Julia Stiles out and about ..."
Jane Magazine August "Julia Stiles finally..."

Articles published in 2005
Harper's bazaar May "Being Julia" Sept 12 "Julia Stiles"

Break a leg! Foreword by Julia Stiles
Columbia Spectator "Enough is enough" by Julia Stiles - Feb 22, 2001
Ask Julia from - Dec 1999
Interview with Julia #1 from - June 26, 2000
Interview with Julia #2 from - Jan 19, 2002
MGM Interview about the movie "A guy thing"