Teen People Magazine - May 2002

 A Guy Thing 

Boy meets girl. Boy gets girl. Boy and girl plan wedding. Boy gets drunk during his bachelor party and wakes up in bed with a hula dancer. What happened between them, and how can he ever explain it to his fiancee? Oh, and by the way: The dancer is his betrothed's cousin! "The script is so hysterical, I was laughing aloud reading it," says Julia Stiles, who plays Becky, the possible wedding spoiler. And the hijinks didn't end when the cameras stopped rolling: While filming a roudy family dinner scene, including the bride-and groom-to-be (Selma Blair and Jason Lee, below), the actors couldn't stop cracking up. "Get a big group of us together and we can definitely get unruly and raunchy," says Selma. "We even bring it out in the older cast members." It's a good bet that this one will definitely give us something to laugh about. (August 23rd)

Destiny's Child: After attending a play, 11-year-old Julia wrote a letter to the theater's artistic director begging for a part in his next production. Her ploy worked-he created a role for her.

Passions: Soccer, English, literature, and the New York Mets. "I'm so glad we picked up (second baseman Roberto) Alomar!"

In Her CD Player: Talking Heads, the Strokes, the White Stripes.

Constant Companion: Her childhood blankie. "When I was little, I used to talk to it, like my imaginary friend." she has said. "It helps me [get] to sleep in hotel rooms."

Up Next: The screwball comedy A Guy Thing, costaring Selma Blair and Jason Lee (August), and the romance Carolina, in which she plays the title character.

The Last Word: "Since Save the Last Dance my life has changed, yet it hasn't . I still go about my business and do my own thing. But I've had great opportunities -- like hosting Saturday Night Live -- and I'm grateful for that."

Originally published in the May 2002 issue of Allure Magazine