Late Show with David Letterman - July 29, 2002


Dave: Our first guest is a lovely young actress currently starring in a Central Park production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, here's the very talented Julia Stiles.


Dave: How are you?

Julia: Good

D: Summer goin real well?

J: Yea I'm having a great time

D: You you look very summer, you have the stuff on there that looks like you're you know camping or something.. Do you ever go camping?

J: Well who picked out that tie for you Mr David. No no... I'm not...

D: This is not the night for that sort of thing.

D: But no, you look like you could wear that sort of thing camping. I didn't mean anything insulting by it

J: Oh I uh, no yea

D: I mean you could kinda ((-- I can't understand what Dave is saying here.. repoil?-)) you know it's sorta like khaki and jeans, I've seen actually seen people camping in something like that.

J: I thought I'd play it cas tonight.

D: Yea Have you ever been camping?

J: Uh no, never in my life actually. I actually grew up in New York City so it's not real fun to go camping in Central Park. I don't know where we would go camping

D: You could go you know around the country, upstate New York, you know it'd be a lot of fun

J: I'm a little scared of that actually

D: Really, what frightens you about camping?

J: There are no big tall skyscrapers anywhere, there's no air conditioning-

D: You're secure being in the city?

J: Yes- I like people and concrete..

D: Yea

J: Yea

D: And uh your hair you you you your hair looks different, did you cut it?

J: I did I cut it myself actually.

D: Really?

J: Thank you yes

D: Wow.

D: It looks pretty good now if I cut my hair well it would look like this... But normally that's not recommended to cut ones own hair is it?

J: I guess not no but mines curly so the back you know, I was a little disappointed my hair was long and very layered and it started to grow very long and short at the top, kind of mullety, like a hockey player..

D: Really?

J: Um, Yea, I wasn't too filled with the hockey player so so I just started cutting.

D: Well, yea it looks it looks just fine. Well have you had favorable response to the cutting of the hair?

J: Um, well my family has kinda issues about my hair for some reason my dad, who doesn't really have any of his own hair- I'm so in the doghouse for saying that- he, uh, he was a little disappointed with my haircut, he liked it long, he was kinda a traditional guy, my mom, tried to play the cool mom thing, she was like, "Uh, I like it, its groovy, it's hip it's happenin"

D: Well, there really is nothing wrong with it. You know it looks just fine,

J: Thank you

D: I mean , the oddity of it is that if I hadn't know you cut it yourself I would not have known you cut it yourself...

J: Oh, thank you

D: I mean somebody told me you cut it yourself, otherwise I would not have known... It looks just fine...

J: Thank you, its ridiculous, how like, yea, for some reason, like my agents and all that stuff, they started to freak out..

D: Right, I think it's high time when it comes to grooming that we take more personal responsibility.

J: I, I do too,

D: Do you, honestly?

J: I'm all for that.

D: I mean, I'm certainly not looking to put barbers or hairstylists out of business but

J: Oh I know me neither, no, of course not,

D: Yea but if you feel like you can cut your own hair, do the right thing and cut your own hair

J: I'm very pro hairstylist, I don't wanna rain on anyone's parade, I don't wanna interfere..

D: Now, now, would you ever attempt a tint?

J: (laughs) That, that I'd be a little more careful about, you can burn your hair off.

D: Yea, you'd have to be very careful, than I think you'd have to go to a professional But I figure, you wanna cut it every now and then, why not? I mean you can mow your own lawn damnit, you can cut your own hair!

J: Yea.

D: How long ago were you in Italy?

J: Oh I went to Venice, for a photo shoot

D: its fantastic, isn't it?

J: Yea, it's fantastic, It was for a photo shoot, and I don't usually like photo shoots, 'cause you're in a studio and people are scrutinizing you very heavily, and, uh, but we went to Venice and uh it was for Elle magazine, and it was so much fun, because it's such a beautiful place, and we were with- the whole crew was European and the photographer Jil, was this sorta crazy old French guy, and we would just walk around Venice and he would be like, (with accent and all) "I want to take picture." And then I'd go, "Okay, sure." And then, we'd have like these elaborate, four hour lunches, And he said to me, they have those docks on the side of the buildings and he said, "put your foot in the water," And I was like, "No No No No." (laughs) "This water has been here since, like, God knows when,

D: yea, it's terribly contaminated

J: I think it's one of the most polluted bodies of water ever. Green algae, everywhere, But he said, he said, (Everyone is laughing)

J: what, what? I didn't say anything funny?

D: Oh I know we've had the trouble all night (audience laughs harder) some kind of a disconnect between me and the audience, I have no idea, I wouldn't worry about it

J: That's alright.

D: We think maybe it's the heat.

J: The heat yea. Although it's quite cold in this studio, I have to say.

D: Comfortable isn't it

J: Yea its wonderful. Yea so he wanted me to put my foot in the water so he says, "If you put your foot in the water, I will drink the water." So I of course put my foot in just because I wanted to see him drink the water so he took two huge gulps of the Venecian's mal water. Its green. Its really nasty and then the next day we got ready to do the shoot again and he comes down and his face is covered in hives. And I felt so bad because he must have had some disease but he's like, "I don't care. I don't think about it, it is fine."

D: Right, but no you shouldn't be doing that you get a gamaglobulin shot, you're gonna get at the least you're guaranteed

J: Right, tetanus, rabies, anasuma

D: But its beautiful, nonetheless, the city is lovely.

J: Its lovely, its old and it seems like its kind of sinking,

D: It's connected to like 400 islands, it's connected by canal

J: Yea, you can't drive anywhere, you have to walk everywhere

D: Or or take water taxi...

J: Gondola, what they're called

D: And, uh, what do you do in the city for fun now during the summer, you're doing the play up in the uh Park,

J: Uh, I, what do I do for fun... Oh, I know that Kristen Johnson was on the show the other day, shes in the play too, she went out to a strip club with a bunch of the cast members, I am 21 years old, but I do not, my drivers license was stolen and for some reason bouncers just like to stick it to me and not let me in so uh, what was your question originally? I just go off on stories..

D: the question was, could I see some ID

D: what kind of fun things do you do in the city while you're here this summer?

J: well, uh, we've been rehearsing all day long and then we have our shows at night, its scorching-

D: You go to baseball games ever.

J: I do, I'm a big Mets fan,

D: yea they're playing ball now aren't they!

J: Yea after the big All Star break. I actually met some of the players

D: yea, who met?

J: Mike Piazza..

D: I understand he's not gay.

J: Well, I'm not going to comment on that, but yes he did announce that..

D: Held a press conference: Guess what, I'm not gay. If you have something to say, call a press conference.

J: But I sort of made a fool of myself in front of him

D: yea?

J: Yea, it was last season when they weren't playing so well, and I was trying to tell them that I'm a big fan. that I wasn't just a fair-weather fan, and I was like, "You guys are great, even though you suck this year."

D: Oh boy..

J: And then I was like, "Oh, God," and I stuck my foot in my mouth. He didn't think it was very funny

D: But you know its interesting, like the first half of the season they really weren't doing very well and now they've won 10 out of the last 14 games

J: I know

D: and if they can just keep continue this up, they could still finish..

J: The wild card.

D: way down in the division.

J: Eh... you're a Yankees fan aren't you..

D: I'm rooting for both NY teams this season.

J: You can't do that, you can't do that.

D: If you have a show you can.

D: Well, you going back to school in the fall.

J: Um, eeeeenguhhee, I don't know, I'm sort of debating whether I'm going to work or go back.

D: And what year would you be starting if you went back.

J: Junior year.

D: Oh, you gotta go back, why wouldn't you wanna go back.

J: Well, I mean eventually will go back

D: well if you go back now, get it out of the way, get this college degree make you feel terrific.

J: That's true, whoo!

D: And what will be the deciding issue whether you go back or not..

J: Money. No, I'm just kidding. Um, I don't know, I've just been so focused on the play that I haven't really thought about it.

D: Are your grades alright?

J: I made the Dean's list last semester.

D: Oh, well, congratulations. Then you gotta go back!

J: Of course like, I think 75% of the student body at Columbia makes the Dean's list but Still....

D: You're a smart kid... but here's what I've experienced as you get older, you certainly don't get any smarter so you should take advantage of it now.

J: That's good advice.

D: And while you're on a roll, just keep going, in 2 years knock it out, and then you get the degree, everybody's happy. Your folks probably want you go to school, don't they?

J: Yea, yea. Umm, but they're okay, it's up to me whatever I want to do. I'm determined to finish, I will definitely finish; I might just be 30 years old and graduating.

D: Heh, that's okay.

J: No.

D: Well, listen, anytime you wanna go camping, honest, me and Paul are going camping almost every weekend.

J: really?

Paul: Upstate NY.

J: Camping on like a NY city street corner doesn't really count, that's not really camping.

D: Let's just start that way.

J: Okay.

D: Good to see you again. I hope you have a lovely summer.

J: Good to see you too.

D: Have a lovely summer, I hope you go back to school. Julia Stiles everybody!

Originally aired on July 29, 2001 - Late Show with David Letterman