Articles published in magazines
The National Enquirer Jan 3 "I tried to be a normal student"
New York Daily News Jan 13 "Julia Stiles gets seriously silly"
Glamour Jan "Julia speaks her mind"
YM Magazine Feb "No on can shut..." by Julia Stiles
Entertainment Weekly Nov 14 "Julia Stiles - Mona Lisa Smile"
San Francisco Chronicle Dec 14 "Julia Stiles paints a complex..."
Ottawa Sun Dec "Stiles all smiles"
Houston Chronicle Dec 19 "Stiles finds satisfaction..."

Articles published on Internet
Campus Circle Jan "Julia Stiles" Jan "Interview with Julia Stiles" Jan "Interview with Julia Stiles"
Tribute Jan "A conversation with Julia Stiles" Jan 17 "Julia Stiles - A guy thing"
BBC Films March 6 "Interview with Julia Stiles"
USA Today Sept 2 "Star pupil juggles books and..." Dec "Julia's angels" Dec "... the cast of Mona Lisa Smile" Dec "Sassy, busy and lucky..."
Mercury News Dec 18 "Mona Lisa Smile ensemble..."
USA Today Dec 18 "Stars of Mona Lisa smile..."