- January 17, 2003

 Julia Stiles - A Guy Thing 

Stiles' hair was styled to be bouncy for her role as bartender Becky in A Guy Thing.

What inspired Julia Stiles to trade her nearly waist-length tresses for shorter wavy layers in her latest film, A Guy Thing?

It's a girl-to-woman thing. "With long, straight hair she looked like a teenager," says her longtime makeup artist, Claudia Moser. "She looks like a grown-up now."

Though one still tuned in to her inner child: Stiles's character, Becky, is a klutzy, free-spirited toll-booth attendant, bartender and, yes, tiki dancer. "I gave her this cut because her hair had to move," says hairstylist Lori McCoy-Bell. "It had to bounce when Julia bounced down the stairs, or fly around when she tripped."

Or fall seductively into place when she meets a cute journalist, only to find out he's engaged to her cousin. Does she catch him in time? Just by a hair.


McCoy-Bell spritzed Phytovolume Actif spray from Phyto on Stiles' wet roots. Then she blow-dried hair straight and created flips with a large curling iron. Next, to build volume, she set hair in Velcro rollers for 20 minutes. Finally, she worked in a dime-size dollop of Alterna Hemp Seed Polishing Gloss to separate strands. "Movement is crucial to the look, so I never used hairspray," she says.


Moser applied Benefit Glamazon bronzer along the edges of Stiles's face, then blended with a brush. "It sculpts the face and gives a healthy glow," she says.

She brushed Clinique Blushwear in Blush Blush on cheek apples, then used Clinique Superfit Makeup in Neutral. "Blush looks most natural if you put it on before foundation," explains Moser.

To create a cat-eye look, Moser dusted the outer third of lids with the darker brown shade in the Nars All About Eve compact and Yves Saint Laurent Copper Burgundy from the No. 13 duo. She traced Stiles's upper lash lines with YSL liquid liner in Burgundy Reflections, extending past outer corners, and lined lower lash lines with Nars Xenon Glitter pencil.

To accentuate Stiles's perfect smile, Moser applied Clinique lipstick in A Different Apricot, then finished with Clinique Kissyfit gloss.

Article by Elyssa Lee
Originally published at - Posted on January 17, 2003