The National Enquirer - January 3, 2003

 Julia Stiles: "I tried to be normal student" 

In an interview, actress Julia Stiles says she tried to be just a regular college student when she started Columbia University over two years ago.

"I approached the start of college in utter denial of the fact that I'd been in any movies whatsoever," says Stiles in the interview. "I went to class in my pajamas like everyone else, and insisted to my classmates that I was just another student."

But no matter how much she insisted she was just another college girl, she found out that people will think what they want to think and that it was better just to be herself.

"One girl in my dorm admitted to me that she'd planned to ignore me before we had even met," says Stiles. "She had assumed I'd be a 'glamorous, stuck-up Hollywood girl,' [but] we actually became good friends."

Julia Stiles' latest movie, A Guy Thing, comes out on January 17.

Originally published in the January 3, 2003 issue of the National Enquirer