Articles published in magazines
Teen People May "A guy thing"
Premiere Aug "Type A student"
Marie Claire Aug "Julia Stiles - The real deal"
Elle Magazine Aug "Interview with Julia Stiles"
Seventeen Sept "Stilest substance"
Birmingham Post Sept 16 "Into the 'O' zone with Julia Stiles"

Articles published on Internet
BBC Films April 29 "Interview with Julia Stiles"
Playbill July 2 "Brief encounter with Julia Stiles"
Unknown source Aug 14 "Julia Stiles keeps herself..." Sept "Stiles & Substance" Sept 2 "Shakespearean Stiles"
Empire Online Sept "Toilet tips wanted"
Empire Online Sept 9 "The story of 'O'" Sept 13 "Julia Stiles: that'll sound slutty"

Transcripts of TV shows
Late Show July 29 Transcript