Bride's Magazine - March 2004

 Stiles on the aisle 

In The Prince and Me, Julia Stiles surprises herself by falling for the fairy tale (and the rock)

A breathless basket of nerves isn't how most people picture Julia Stiles, whose serious acting credits (Save The Last Dance, Mona Lisa Smile) and Ivy League education (she's majoring in English at Columbia University) have earned her a refreshingly down-to-earth reputation. But then it isn't every day that you're proposed to by a prince.

"In many ways I'm like my character [Paige Morgan, a medical student turned almost princess of Denmark] in The Prince and Me. I've always fancied myself an independent woman, and thought more about my career than getting married. But all of a sudden, I've gotten into this whole Cinderella fantasy.

"When I first looked at the script, the proposal scene didn't jump out at me at all. But when we actually shot it, I couldn't control my breathing. Part of it was just seeing this man [actor Luke Mably] dressed like a prince, with all of his medals, in this fairy-tale greenhouse setting. He gets down on one knee and says 'I love you and want to spend my life with you,' and then he hands me this diamond ring that has three gigantic rock on it. I was literally hyperventilating,"

While Julia's character embarks on what many women would regard as a dream engagement, including a visit to the crown jewels ("I had bodyguards for my diamonds!"), couture dress fittings, and a whirlwind of parties, she also encounters the classic bridal nemesis: the mother-in-law. Of course, in her case, it's the Queen of Denmark, played by Miranda Richardson, who's not too pleased with her son's betrothal. "In real life I'd be happy to have Miranda as a mother-in-law. But I couldn't imagine marrying someone whose mother didn't think I was worthy of her son."

At 22. real-life Julia doesn't have to deal with Lhe in-law thing just yet. "The idea of getting married to the man I love and making a family is precious and wonderful and a beautiful thing to me, but I'm so not into the idea of frivolously getting married that it will probably be awhile before I do that"

Okay, Julia, so indulge us for a minute. When that moment does arrive, how do you see your wedding? "I'd love a big wedding -- if someone else planned it. If I could just say to somi one, 'This is the dress I want to wear and this is where I want to have it and these are the people I want to invite, now you go take care of everything,' then I'd love to have a big wedding."

Play your cards right, Julia, and we have a feeling that one of these days, you might just get your wish.

Article by Sally Kilbridge
Originally published in the March 2004 issue of Bride's Magazine