The Eagle - April 2, 2004

 Julia Stiles - The Prince and Me 

The Eagle spoke with actress Julia Stiles recently on a conference call from London. She shared thoughts about her new film, her current work, her college experience and her career.

How's the weather in London?

Cold and drizzly.

What are you working on now?

Oleanna by David Mamet. It's a play showing in the West End of London. It's about a college girl who asks her professor for help with school then accuses him of sexual harassment, then of rape. But I don't want to give away too much. I rehearse for eight hours a day. It's exhausting but exhilarating. It's the trade off between a play and a movie. Working on a movie you might be there all day and only perform for 15 minutes.

How much were you thinking about Hamlet or Coming to America when you were filming The Prince & Me?

It's funny that you say that. Someone pointed that out the other day. I was really thinking it has more parallels with Hamlet -- a young guy trying to come to terms with himself and his world. But as far as plot goes, I think it's more like one of the love stories.

What was your favorite part about filming the movie?

Being in Prague. And horseback lessons.

Worst part?

The rain scene was not a fun day. It was cold and my shirt was wet.

How do you create chemistry on screen?

What I try and do is develop a familiarity with the people I work with. I wouldn't have an affair with my co-star, but I like to bond with the person I'm acting with. Then I pull from different things like relationships and real life.

How do you think your college experience is different from those of other people?

I think my college experience is different not because of my celebrity but because I have a career. I don't have to be searching. I don't have to worry about grades except for pride.

Do you think you're type cast?

I see all of my roles as different. I can only speak from my perspective. All I can do is make choices, which will excite me about going to work everyday.

Article by Matt Mawhinny
Originally published at The Eagle - Posted on April 2, 2004