WENN - June 5, 2000

 Julia Stiles's award show dilemma 

10 things I hate about you star Julia Stiles' MTV award has thrown her into a dilemma -- she doesn't know where to put it. The teen stunner, who carried off her first ever movie award at Saturday's star-studded ceremony, says she wants to keep it in her dorm room when she starts college in the summer, but is worried the other students will think she's showing off. She says, "I'm going to college in August so I wonder, would that be really obnoxious to put it in your dorm room?" And after telling press backstage at the awards she was going to Columbia University, Stiles immediately started to backtrack, telling the assembled media she'd be holding them responsible if she found herself being stalked on campus. She says, "I'm going to Columbia University but I'm trying to keep that low-profile because I don't want weird people following me there. I want the experience of normal college life. So if I ever get anyone stalking me on campus I'm going to blame all of you."

Originally published at WENN - Posted on June 5, 2000