Stark & Molly - January 19, 2000

 A stark disagreement 

Actress Julia Stiles was thrilled when Madonna took a shine to her -- until things started getting kinky.

Madonna's production company wanted Stiles to play a call girl in the movie Going Down, based on the Jennifer Bell novel about an NYU student who works as a hooker to cover her tuition.

But Stiles, who starred in 10 Things I Hate About You, balked at taking off her clothes for some of the sex scenes in the film.

"I ended up deciding not to do it," Stiles told us at Monday night's premiere party at Chaos for her new film, Down to You. "There were a lot of raunchy scenes that they weren't willing to take out."

Just as well. Two "Down" movies could be a downer.

Originally published at Stark & Molly - Posted on January 19, 2000