YM.com - January 2001

 Stiles' style 

Julia Stiles may be the coolest 19-year-old actress alive, but she's surprisingly a lot like her character Sara in Save the Last Dance. "I tried desperately to fit in by being a home girl," laughs Julia. "I faked a Puerto Rican accent and wore big earrings. But later, I became less concerned about what people thought about me. I guess I just grew up."

When Julia's not heating up the big screen in hits like Ten Things I Hate About You, Down to You and the upcoming O, she's studying at Columbia University. As a freshman, she's still learning the ropes around campus and trying to adjust to dorm life. Living in a single room for privacy, Julia shares a bathroom with the rest of her floor. "And," reveals Julia, "When I'm alone in my bedroom, I practice moves from dance videos just like every other girl."

Originally published at YM.com - Posted on January 2001