ABC / Harpo Films

Director: Lloyd Kramer
Writer: Connie May Fowler
Running time: 94 minutes
Release date: November 2, 1997

Oprah Winfrey Miss Zora
Ellen Barkin Gloria Marie Jackson
Tina Majorino Bird Jackson
Julia Stiles Phoebe Jackson
John Savage Billie Jackson
Burt Young Mr Ippolito


The despair of a child. The ruin of innocence.
The hope that can be built from broken hearts.

The easiest thing to crush is the innocence of a child...

"Bird" Jackson is a young girl whose life with her parents is painful and frightening. She turns to her reclusive neighbor Miss Zora, to escape the harsh realities of her home life, and it is through their friendship that Bird learns to dream of a better life. But Miss Zora knows that Bird and Phoebe cannot survive on dreams alone, and that there is only one way to save them.

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