Paramount Pictures

Director: Thomas Cartes
Writers: Duana Adler and Cheryl Edwards
Running time: 108 minutes
Release date: January 12, 2001

Julia Stiles Sara Johnson
Sean Patrick Thomas Derek
Terry Kinney Roy
Fredro Starr Malakai
Kerry Washington Chenille
Bianca Lawson Nikki


The only person you need to be is yourself.

They come from two different worlds, two different cultures.
Yet for all their differences, they share one fervent passion -- dance!

Sara (Julia Stiles), who comes from a middle-class, small-town environment, dreams of devoting her life to ballet. As the crown prince of a local music club, Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas), from inner-city Chicago, dances to a different beat -- the rhythmic pulse of hip-hop.

When they discover they share a love of dance, they also discover a passion for each other. Now, these two young people must overcome not only their differences but also the opposition of their friends and families if their romance is going to survive.

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Awards for Julia Stiles
Teen Choice Awards 2001 Teen Choice Actress (Won)
Teen Choice Awards 2001 Teen Choice Fight Scene (Won)
MTV Movie Awards 2001 Best Kiss (Won)
MTV Movie Awards 2001 Best Female Performance (Nominated)
MTV Movie Awards 2001 Best Dance Sequence (Nominated)